Limiting your Social Media Screen time and Excessive Device Usage

Most of our life revolves around a phone or computer screen. As summer comes, instead of seeking new adventures, many Canadians are settling for online games, social media and new series to binge watch. So at what point does social media screen time become “too much”?

It is absolutely necessary with life today and juggling work from home, if not used in moderation, technology can become a strain on your mind and body to be constantly distracted from your present focus. We at Just Fix It have compiled a list of simple tips to ease the effects of screen time, especially as we go into the beautiful summer months!

Take care of your eyes.

Excessive screen time leaves your eyes feeling dry and can also lead to retina damage and blurred vision. Here are our tips to reduce the physical strain:

  • Use clear and bright screens (monitor brightness between 250-350 cd/m2), as well as a bright desk or background light to help your eyes adjust more easily.
  • While in a long Zoom meeting, make a conscious effort to change the focus of your eyes every 10 mins. You can set a reminder on your phone or smartwatch to keep you on track!
  • Switch to “night mode” on your smart phone or tablet to activate a blue-light filter while reading emails and newsletters like this one

Set a good example!

With everyone working remotely, learning online, and just being home (all… the … time…), it becomes difficult to draw the line between screen time for work, and screen time for pleasure. Set a good example for the others in your household by creating a routine that allows you to disengage from work duties and take a break.

  • Drink your morning coffee or tea out on your doorstep or balcony, switching up your view. Fresh air makes a big difference in the start of your day and allows you to take a little breather before jumping into your busy day.
  • Breathe: The new FitBit trackers have a built in “Wellness App” that promotes deep breathing through a 5 minute exercise routine. Step away from your desk and take some deep breathes to recollect.
  • Moving from your desk and going for a quick walk at the end of the day really helps with the transition from work to home. To take this even one step further, you can do a “fake commute” Change your clothes and go for a walk around the block! Take an iced coffee or lemonade and it becomes the best commute ever!

Get the whole family involved.

As the weather warms up and we move into summer, it’s essential we get our kids back to moving more. The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology recommends children aged 5-11 years should spend at least 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity per day. Times may feel different and they’re not spending Saturdays biking around town or walking to the store to help with errands (sorry Mom and Dad).  So here are some ways to get the whole family outside and use technology in fun new ways:

  • Take the family geocaching or explore your backyard by giving your kids your smartphone to take pictures and videos of new things they find.
  • Use the slow-mo mode on your camera to uncover new views like water balloon popping, or birds in flight or rain on a puddle.
  • Challenge each other with a step counter, whoever got the most steps by the end of the week gets a special treat!

It is hard to step away sometimes but when you allow yourself some time to focus on your mental wellbeing and recharge outside of technology and screens, you will be more productive when it counts!

The Team @ JFI