JFx Security Package (Patching/Antivirus/Backups)

Strong Baseline Protection

A convenient package of security services to provide a strong baseline protection for your end-users and data.

As much as a company takes steps to protect its intellectual property, it is important to assume that it is possible for someone to break into your data.

Businesses need to take IT security seriously and understand the risks and liabilities in the event that confidential data or proprietary intellectual property are compromised by an unauthorized party.

Just Fix IT is your partner in preventing unauthorized access, counter threats, confidentiality, disruption, destruction and modification of business information. We provide a variety of Information security services to help you create a multi-pronged approach to securing your data from inside and outside threats.

Working in alignment with the Government of Canada baseline recommendations for Cyber Security Controls for Small and Medium Organizations and the Canadian insurance industry, Just Fix IT has created a cost-effective cybersecurity starter package that addresses the most commonly requested IT security services.


This is an essential line of protection, applied to each end-user device by scanning the use of apps and the internet in real time against known dangerous algorithms. Just Fix IT deploys ESET Enterprise Antivirus across Windows and Mac user environment, chosen as a lightweight background app that does not unduly affect performance whilst receiving regular security intel updates from the ESET Global Research Lab.


By applying up-to-date bug fixes, security updates and software releases as they are available in a systematic and consistent manner, the users are protected from known vulnerabilities that can be exploited amongst criminal circles to deploy viruses and ransomware. Just Fix IT has developed a desktop app that pushes out patches in an effective managed way and combines as a remote support tool for users to easily open tickets  JFx Healthcheck applies critical and security patches within 30 days of availability in accordance with security best practices.


Having a secure intact backup of critical server data from a nightly off-site backup limits the effects of a hardware failure or ransomware data corruption. JFx Private Cloud Backups partition the backup copy of the data away from the live network environment so that it cannot be corrupted during a network breach. Just Fix IT monitors and verifies the success of the backups nightly to ensure that you are never caught unprotected.

This standard package of security services gives you best bang for your buck, and when combined with the JFx Managed Firewall meets your cyberinsurance criteria and Government baseline recommendations. It gives you a strong starting point from where you can then evaluate the specific risk areas unique to your business and industry.

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