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Let Just Fix IT help you upgrade your critical Exchange email to secure, stable and cost-effective JFx Managed Email.

Email messaging and communications are essential to the smooth operation of any company. The most popular enterprise communication system on the market is Microsoft Exchange Server. JFx Managed Email takes the Exchange Server 2019 email engine and combines leading-edge spam-filtering, email threat protection and simple-to-adopt user management.

Just Fix IT supports over 2000 users across North America every day with Just Fix IT Managed Email, and our expertise ensures you are using a solid, secure service, which minimizes the risk of phishing attempts and reduces false-positives stuck in the spam filter.

Part of Exchange’s popularity is due to the fact it can do so much to increase productivity:

  • Email Messaging
  • Calendaring
  • Address Lists
  • Shared and delegate mailboxes
  • Task Management
  • And many more collaborative functions…

Of course, smaller companies wishing to set up their own Exchange servers take on a lot of sunk costs in terms of hardware, maintenance, licensing, etc… This is where JFx Managed Email provides an operational per-user approach to running and managing email accounts. This becomes an attractive option for IT departments who are constantly looking for new ways to free up time from regular maintenance tasks so that they can focus on new IT initiatives. Another big challenge with setting up an Exchange server is the high level of expertise required to install and maintain it. With a managed email provider, you don’t have to hire and train any specialized or certified personal to maintain your servers.

The JFx Managed Email mailbox data is backed up on our JFx Private Cloud servers. Emails can be easily restored if deleted accidentally within the retention period, and after employees leave, mailboxes can be forwarded or merged into other users Inboxes. Just Fix IT stands behind the day-to-day use for support and deployment, unlike the hands-off approach offered when subscribing to online services like O365 Exchange Online.

Users will typically run Microsoft Outlook or a smartphone’s email app to access their email. We also offer the use of Outlook web access to retrieve emails from Remote Desktop or browsers without additional Outlook license costs.

As you can see, businesses have a lot to gain from Microsoft Exchange. And by starting out with JFx Managed Email solution, they can eliminate a lot of potential business risk, gain access to expert staff, and free up capital to maximize growth.

Please contact Just Fix IT if you are considering a move off webmail or want to expand from your on-site email to an Exchange based service.

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