Private Cloud Servers

When your on-site servers reach end of life or your new software tools demand a server upgrade, instead of rebuilding from scratch on a new chassis, consider the option of using of running your server image on the infrastructure hosted by Just Fix IT.

By setting up Windows Server Virtual Machines (VMs) in a private cloud design, you keep control of how your server resources are used and take advantage of the investment Just Fix IT has made in the state of the art datacenter technology.

Fully managed, private cloud-based services are available from our Tier4 datacenter in an Ontario based Q9 facility. Just Fix IT offers a fully N+1 redundant hosted server environment that handles all the related elements of racks, cooling, internet, hardware, networking, security and IP management.

The servers can be accessed from your office through a secure encrypted site-to-site VPN tunnel, or direct by end users using Remote Desktop to our gateway housed within the datacenter. You can choose to include the server VMs in with a monthly patching and maintenance plan from JFx Support Services.

Our clients can choose a flexible server package based on the actual CPU, RAM and Hard drive resources needed at the time. No scary traffic-based cost increases, our predictable monthly rates avoid the public cloud hurdles of unexpected usage costs and allow you to budget effectively as your business grows.

Fast redundant internet access and diverse geo-location is included, ensuring your critical server systems are up even when a single office building internet is unavailable.

The rapid turn-up, turn-down capability of our hosted server resources is at your beck and call. Changes can be made overnight to respond to user changes or new project plans. The JFx Managed Servers can be deployed to cover a short-term project or can scale up to handle enterprise-level business needs –  be it a single core CPU or over 128-core CPU per VM.

Example use cases solved using hosted servers:

  • A small single-server VM for a 2 month dev project
  • Want to deploy a new CRM software, but not sure what server hardware will be required
  • Decided to send your main office staff to work remotely and need a Remote Access gateway
  • Adding 50 new staff next week and need more server resources
  • Archive 5TB data from your current File Server to be able to reuse the server space


Just Fix IT can offer monthly Windows Server & User licensing through our Microsoft Service Provider platform allowing you to match licensing costs to the current active users.

The flexibility that hosted servers offers allows you gives you options along the way, and our Professional Services team works with you to minimize pain as you migrate to private cloud.


Just Fix It has worked closely with HPE to develop and deploy their next-generation Composable Infrastructure solution. HPE Synergy goes beyond the older Hyper-Converged infrastructure model, allowing a virtually infinite possibility of configuration and scaling in Storage, Compute and redundancy.

Both JFI and HPE monitor 24×7 the health and stability of our Infrastructure. Through full N+1 redundancy, we guarantee 99.995% uptime on our infrastructure. Any hardware alerts are identified, and parts are dispatched and replaced with zero impact to infrastructure operations.


Removing the risk of failure of your critical hardware leads to a setup that is easier to support for JFI and makes everyone happier and more productive.

Contact Just Fix IT if you are considering replacing an out of date on-site server with a hosted server or need a flexible server design that can handle your ever-changing workforce.

Talk with a Professional

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. One of our team members will be happy to contact you back and start working with you to find the right solution for your company.