Data Compliance and Privacy/GDPR

In a recent poll, 63% of U.S. adults said they would NOT be willing to share personal data in exchange for ads to keep a service free. This outcome is likely due to recent raised public awareness of privacy and its impact on lives. Much of this is thanks to the high-profile of GDPR compliance and recent privacy concerns in Google and Facebook.

Privacy has become an issue for all, and the general public’s understanding of what privacy actually is has improved. Because if this, the expectations of customers and business partners are high when it comes to data protection and management – with data privacy now touching both the enterprise and the individual.

Time and again, data breaches result in not only lost information, but lost reputation and damages too. This can include share price drops — a typical example being the case of Equifax, which experienced a drop of 35% post-data breach.

Data Privacy and Data Security are often seen as a massive hurdle to cross for a company. Your company should manage privacy as an ongoing process, and that process can be achieved using some simple forethought and best practices.

Just Fix IT can help you manage the privacy requirements in a number of ways:

Day-to-day IT best practices with privacy in mind:

Our Solution specialists work with you to create a roadmap to bring you to where you need to be with your corporate responsibilities.

  • Your employee code of conduct/use of technology policies are developed with next steps to improve your workflow and educate your staff.
  • Assess your communication software (eg Microsoft Teams) and file storage/retention practices against your privacy goals.
  • Assessing the ability of your company to access or delete personal data records on request from a third party.
  • End-point security software and mobile hard drive encryption techniques can mitigate the risk of a breach in the event a mobile device is stolen.
  • Physical layouts are considered with options for line of sight blocks and monitor privacy screens.
  • E-waste and end-of-life device processing is reviewed.

Privacy planning during technology changes:

  • Working with your web-developer to make your website data GDPR compliant.
  • Including the implications of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) in changes to your digital marketing strategies and email campaigns.
  • When updating your ERP/CRM databases to add the ability to track customer opt-in/out and include Payment Card Industry (PCI) workflow requirements.
  • Update backup and retention policies annually.

Compliance Audits

Just Fix IT can arrange for one-time testing of your network and data security infrastructure to comply with insurance or industry requirements.

  • Network Penetration Testing and Port-scan Analysis
  • Server Security Audit for CyberSecure certification/compliance
  • Dark Web Monitoring to notify you if your company credentials or passwords are being circulated in a publicly available dump of breached user data on the Dark Web.

Talk with a Professional

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