Zero IT Lean Desktops

JFx Zero IT desktop standardization.

A fully managed Windows compute stick workstation uses cloud-based security and processing to provide all the office software and infrastructure you need for a lean & clean user experience – simple and secure.

Welcome to ZeroIT

Designed for small-to-medium businesses in diverse industries, ZeroIT is a fully managed, cloud-based solution that simplifies the complexities of IT—every day and for the long-term. Aligned with your business strategies and process requirements, ZeroIT provides a single, secure and scalable platform for managing current and future technology needs not just for one part of your business, but for all of them. At the device, software, infrastructure and hardware levels, this advanced solution provides the architectural, operational, implementation and support services you need so you can focus on what you do best. Imagine your office with just monitors, keyboards and the power cords they need!

Optimize productivity and reduce costs with IT simplicity and peace of mind


Fully managed, cloud-based services eliminate downtime and the lost time and money associated with it. Whether one employee is experiencing a technical issue or the whole office is affected (e.g., power surge), the ZeroIT solution ensures everyone remains productive with the technology they need to get the job done.


High-level technological, physical and environmental security for ZeroIT’s private cloud, hosted infrastructure protects you and your customers. Your full computing environment and all of your data is always backed up, and full redundancy and disaster recovery add extra layers of protection. The private cloud model also ensures you have access to your data at any time.


Realize cost savings of 10-20% over a 5 year lifecycle, compared to the traditional approach of procuring, implementing, operating, supporting and maintaining your own computing environment. Replace significant up front capital expenditures; variable costs for phone, electricity and gas services; and third party IT support services with one low, predictable monthly cost per device (user?).


Pay only for the services you use. Because all licensing starts or stops depending on your actual number of users and the services they rely upon, the ZeroIT solution easily scales up or down on a monthly basis to meet your business needs as they change over time.


Eliminate the need to keep up with and invest in new technologies to replace outdated ones with ZeroIT’s cloud-based model. Keep your business running while we work continually to ensure our platform is capable is delivering the latest advancements in hardware and software.


System Uptime


Electricity Savings


Full Backups

World-Class Productivity


  • State-of-the-art data center
  • Hosted model eliminates server costs
  • Secure, reliable access to your data at any time
  • Minimize losses associated with potential theft of physical IT assets from the office
  • Reduce the chance of hardware damage from accidents or office relocation

Meet your new workstation – the JFx Zero IT stick.

  • Clean and Lean
  • Less space on the desk Lower cost than buying hardware
  • Less hardware going obsolete
  • Simpler to maintain, faster to scale up, scale down
  • …and now GREENER than ever
  • Uses up to 10x less electricity than a workstation = lower hydro bills

Users access their applications through a Remote Desktop portal

  • User Desktop that looks and feels like a local workstation
  • Dedicated Cloud server processors to provide a more responsive interface
  • Highly Secure access to a Private Cloud Servers
  • Extra security and protection from Ransomware, as users do not have
  • admin rights to the server environment
  • Able to use the usual local peripherals (printers, scanners etc)

How does it work?

The JFx Zero IT stick connects to the HDMI port on a standard monitor.

  • A wireless mouse and keyboard connects via Bluetooth
  • Network connect via wifi or ethernet via a USB-connected hub.
  • Extra screen real estate is available by upgrading to an ultra-wide monitor eg 29” or 34” screens or larger.

Talk with a Professional

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. One of our team members will be happy to contact you back and start working with you to find the right solution for your company.