End User Standardization

Creating a standardized IT user experience simplifies support, lowers operating costs and sets clear expectations for users.

Discover how Secure User Profiles, Zero IT Lean Desktops, Eco-Friendly Workspace, and 2-Factor Authentication can help your End User Standardization.

Just Fix IT understands how complex IT infrastructure designs can get. Serving over 5000 end-user devices across hundreds of customers could quickly turn confusing if not managed correctly. Our Solutions architects look to bring order in the midst of chaos, and focus on 3 main goals when applying new standards:

  • Ensure a good business fit: if the design doesn’t make sense to users and help equip them, it is going to create barriers down the road. Every change or new standard should be weighed against the overall company objectives. The management team should include the voice of the end-users and find a way to apply the design that works within the company’s employee culture.
  • Move to central management: leveraging IT management tools that cross-over multiple areas helps apply policies and services to groups of users at once. Userr management systems like Windows Active Directory can create tiers of access or features can be applied through Group Policies. Then as business needs change, the updates can be applied quickly and consistently. Similarly, a central web portal for tracking software access and licensing gives a single-pane view when purchasing decisions need to be made.
  • Apply IT best practices: As you gain control of your IT infrastructure, it becomes easier to apply new policies and adopt additional security elements. You can lean on Just Fix IT to recommend a series of short term easy-to-apply changes, along with a roadmap to allow the longer-term changes to take root. From server rules that set how complex your users password need to be, to migrating to a private cloud server model, Just Fix IT can help you fit these pieces together to make your network design safer, stronger and cheaper to run.

Check out more examples of our solutions for standardizing the end-user environment.

Secure User Profiles

We can guide you through applying centrally managed Windows user profiles and using our proprietary JFx HealthCheck.

Zero IT Lean Desktops

A fully managed Windows compute stick workstation uses cloud-based security and processing to provide all the office software and infrastructure you need.

Eco-Friendly Workspace

Changes in geopolitical priorities have led to some exciting innovations that are easy to adopt, with products that work.

2-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) In simple terms adds an extra layer of security to every online platform you access.

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