JFx Managed Servers

Just Fix IT brings you Private Cloud Services

Fully managed, cloud-based services from our Tier4 datacenter in an Ontario based Q9 facility.

Migrating to Private Cloud

Migrating on-site servers to Just Fix IT Hosted Servers takes advantage of:

Our customers see lower cost of ownership – cheaper than owning your own server pair since you would leverage JFI’s premium facilities and redundant heating/cooling/power/internet, and benefit from someone else handling patches/maintenance and security.

Full Redundancy

Our infrastructure is designed with N+1 or higher failover for power, hvac, internet and blade drives, and set to replicate to a 2nd location datacenter.

High-Efficiency Processors

Get more speed and performance from our state of the art hardware, requiring less virtual machines for the same functions.

Flexible Server Drive and RAM Capacities

Allows you to tailor your server spec to your application needs in a cost-effective manner as your business changes.

Standardized Secure Access Across Sites

The Remote Desktop access for users provides a consistent look and feel when working away from the head office, and still allows a central cyber-security approach, and additional protection from data loss fro ransomware.

Service Provider Licensing Savings

As a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider we can offer SPLA and CSP licensing options

JFx Private Cloud Hosted Infrastructure


  • Q9-built power and cooling systems are engineered to operate at 100 percent capacity with at least N+1 redundancy.

  • Fire detection and suppression systems are located throughout the data centre in both the raised floor customer areas and restricted operational areas.

  • Operational support is delivered 7×24, through Q9 Control Centre staff who continuously monitor all critical data centre systems.

  • Q9 data centres are specifically designed to maximize the security and availability of mission-critical computing environments.

  • Staffed 7×24 with professional security officers and extensive video surveillance. Secure, bullet-resistant entrances are equipped with biometric access controls to ensure that only authorized Q9 and customer personnel can enter each data centre.

  • Access to individual customer environments is controlled through biometric readers measuring both weight and fingerprint signatures against ID checks at security checkpoint mantraps.

Talk with a Professional

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. One of our team members will be happy to contact you back and start working with you to find the right solution for your company.