If there’s one thing businesses have learned in the wake of COVID-19, it’s the benefit of having flexibility in critical infrastructure services. Working from “the home office” has been life or death for businesses during isolation; some companies that relied on server hardware that provides office-only use have already met their demise.

Fortunately, the transition to cloud-based infrastructure can be done relatively quickly and efficiently with the support of IT specialists.

Just Fix IT has equipped customers with hosted servers and private cloud setups for years. We’re proud to see these companies adapt as needed to work through the crisis. If your business has yet to make the switch, or is beginning to but meeting roadblocks, this article will help show why now’s the time to capitalize on cloud networking.

How Will Cloud-based Infrastructure Benefit Me?

Even prior to remote working being a necessity, switching to a hosted server made sense. It frees rack space, cuts internet costs and reduces your energy bill. Especially now that businesses are required to operate under social distancing and enhanced safety measures, it makes even more sense.

“Now we’re on the cloud, all of our offices can communicate together, stability, piece of mind, it’s been a great transition”
Chris Brockman, Owner of Regal Insurance Brokers.

Need a reason to consider the switch to cloud-based office infrastructure? The three big reasons below are likely to get the attention of any CEO, CFO or IT Director. Consider these as the fundamental reasons your business needs to adopt cloud-based infrastructure immediately.

Save Money: Eliminate Energy Sucking Machinery

If a trusted IT specialist hosts your server, there are less machines in your office draining power and costing money. Without a remotely hosted server, your computers always run to facilitate remote workers, racking up energy bills. Transitioning to a third-party host is both socially responsible and more reliable. When professionals are available to correct issues, it improves systems and reduces the chance of interruptions when working remotely.

Preserve the Environment: Reduce Energy and Paper Use

For many businesses, reducing their impact on the environment is both money smart, and socially responsible. There are three major ways that transitioning to cloud-based hosted server helps reduce your eco-footprint:

  • Less computers draining energy: As stated above, powering your own server uses a lot of energy. Outsourcing to a hosted server reduces energy usage and your eco-footprint.
  • Less staff in the office: With less staff who need to be in the office to work, you can cut back on lighting, heating, and cooling in unused areas.
  • Less paper waste: Completing projects on a private cloud and using virtual fax services cuts down on paper waste, saving you money and precious natural resources.

Gain Peace of Mind: Reliable Connectivity

In a crisis, having cloud-based, flexible infrastructure can help you easily transition to alternative working conditions. Just Fix It’s team of reliable IT professionals can migrate you to a temporary phone system in 48 hours and rebuild babyTEL phone systems in a week. Further, in a disaster we can spin up a temporary Virtual Machine (VM) in a private cloud in under 8 hours. No matter the situation, you won’t have to worry about if your business can still operate efficiently.

Managed Cloud Services Keep Operations Running Smoothly – From Anywhere!

Just Fix It are experienced consultants who can help you implement technology and cloud-based services while managing your IT needs. We provide two services to help your company run efficiently, even in crisis.

  • JFx VoIP – VoIP is a hosted phone system run through a private cloud. We keep you connected: from one-on-one sales calls, to big board meetings. Just Fix It also makes sure your connection is secure with continuous testing of DR backups.
  • Zero IT – Zero IT is a fully managed and secure cloud-based workstation that allows you to safely share and access important data anytime. It is continually updated and tested by IT professionals to keep your data safe.

Contact us to talk about the transition to cloud-based infrastructure and how your team can grow while it works remotely.