In cyberspace, where all is code, The winds of danger often blow. From hackers lurking in the night, To malware ready to take a bite.
But fear not, dear reader, for I bring A tale of how to protect your thing. Your data, files, and passwords too, Can all be safe, with these tips for you.
First, let us talk of passwords strong, That stand the test of hackers’ throngs. Complexity is key, my friend, For simple words they’ll quickly end.
Mix letters, numbers, and symbols too, To create a code that’s hard to chew. And if you’re tempted to reuse, Don’t! For that’s an easy path to lose.
Next, keep your software up to date, For bugs and flaws,  they love to mate. A patch or update may seem a bore, But it can save your files for sure.
Third, watch out for phishing schemes, Designed to catch you in their dreams. An email or text that seems legit, May hide a trap, so do not click.
And last but not least, let us say, A backup plan can save the day. If all else fails and data’s lost, A backup copy can cover the cost.
So there you have it, my poetic friend, A guide to help your data defend. With strong passwords, updates, and backup plans, You’ll keep your data safe from harmful hands.
But heed my warning, lest you forget, Security is a journey, not a set. Stay vigilant, keep watchful eyes, And you’ll stay safe, in digital skies.