Landscape Architecture Company in Guelph ON – Migrating servers to JFx Private Cloud for added speed and security

Designers at a landscape architecture firm are heavily reliant on large imaging and mapping files to do their job. Different phases of a project can require collaboration between the team and sending many documents to customers. Any bottleneck in connecting to the network to retrieve those files becomes painful.

Project Objectives:

  • Speed up connection for remote workers
  • Upgrade from aging server hardware
  • Add reliability for email, wifi and core systems

Aboud & Associates were like many modern businesses faced with rapid changes following the Ontario COVID lockdown and the need to spread out staff and offer remote working.

remotely connect into an on-site serverDenise Sharp, Partner at Aboud, described it this way: “We quickly realized that having everyone remotely connect into an on-site server using only a trickle of internet at the office was not working well. We were referred by another company to Just Fix IT, and they came up with some options to tackle the remote connections, and also highlighted some easy ways to improve our setup and refresh some out-of-date hardware.”

Just Fix IT was able to rapidly deploy a private cloud hosted server as an extension to the office network, that allowed offsite users to remotely connect through a high speed, fully-redundant internet connection at the Category4 datacentre. Files moved faster and the office internet was freed up allowing higher quality Zoom calls and faster collaboration. The update to a Next Generation firewall added an additional layer of security to the office.

remotely connect through a high speed, fully-redundant internet connectionWe were very pleased with the Just Fix IT project team,” Denise commented. “Their tech architect was able to show us cost effective ways to build in higher level of reliability for critical systems and email, and even boost our office wifi. It was awesome to lean on their expertise to get the modern security we needed for our servers and network. No more internet bottlenecks!”

Aboud & Associates has always seen their team of arborists, ecologists, and landscape architects as a special blend, vital to their success. Having the ability to adjust to work from home was an important bridge between meeting staff and customer commitments.

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